Benefits of Embroidery

Benefits of Embroidery

To me embroidery helps with relaxation, can reduce your anxiety, and keeps your being mindful by utilizing the rhythmic movement of the needle. Here are a few ways embroidery can benefit your life. 

There was research conducted by University College London in 2020 that confirmed that artistic activities can "lower inflammation and stress hormones such as cortisol." They also aid in reducing the risk of dementia! I don't know about you but I would love to stay far away from experiencing dementia. Other studies show more specific results, these point to a direct link between textile crafts and improvements in mental well-being. 

While you are focused on your stitches it can not only help your relax, but it can help lower your blood pressure and heart rate. Which means it is a great hobby for us to take up during this wild time we are all co-existing in. 

Mindfulness is something we all need a little bit more of no matter what your walk in life might be. Mindfulness means keeping ourselves in the present moment. You need to try to silence the parts of the brain that love to generate negative emotions and vibes. Embroidery can help you slow down to think of putting that next stitch in front of your last. At the end you will see physical results of working towards a mindful mindset. 

You can use embroidery as a form of art therapy too. Not only is it a place to slowly explore your emotions, but you also get to stab something repeatedly. In most places in life that is very frowned upon. You could explore your feelings from the pattern you choose, to the colors or textures you use. The possibilities are endless. At the end you will have an stunning one of a kind piece of art. 

Lastly your end result should definitely boost your confidence. Each piece will be an improvement from the last. You will continue to build your skills and be eager to attempt new stitches and techniques. I, as an example, am completely self taught. I have watched videos, acquired a significant amount of books, and had taken a stab at a wide array of stitches. Some worked out, some not so much. Every one had taught me something. Now I am starting to be accepted to big art exhibitions for me embroidery. It has been a wild almost 14 year journey. I can not wait to see what the new 14 bring. Hopeful a more present mindset and some new killer embroidery skills!

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